Acetron® MD

This copolymer acetal grade, containing a metal detectable additive, has been specifically tailored for use in the food processing and packaging industries where it can easily be traced by the conventional metal detection systems installed to detect contamination of the foodstuffs (results may vary depending on the sensitivity of the metal detection system used). Acetron MD presents good mechanical strength, stiffness and impact strength, and it also features a food contact compliant composition.

Acetron® MD is a wear-resistant POM (acetal) that provides a unique combination of light weight, chemical resistance and ability to perform in moist/wet applications - while being fully metal detectable to >27mm3. Acetron® MD allows food processors and packagers to gain the efficiencies that polymer wear materials provide and while minimizing their investment. Acetron® MD is detectable with existing equipment present in most processing lines. Quadrant has delivered a full line of metal detectable (MD) materials that meet the various needs within the food, medical and pharmaceutical production environment. Acetron® MD has been successfully used in meat and poultry processing as well as dairy and cheese production.

Key Benefits

  • FDA compliant
  • Metal detectable to >27mm3
  • Wear resistant
  • Same good chemical resistance as other POM materials
  • Good bearing performance in wet and dry application environments
  • An ideal choice for elevated temperature applications with maximum continuous operating temperature of 180°F

Common Applications

  • Bearings/bushings
  • Scraper blades
  • Conveyor wear surfaces
  • Change parts
  • Timing screws
  • Star wheels